Company History

Founded in 2000, the INWATEC team combines years of experience and innovative ideas with a modern understanding of service.

This was followed in 2008 by the founding of the subsidiary INWATEC Ukraine in order to better serve the growing demand for industrial water treatment and wastewater treatment on the Eastern European market.

Due to the company’s great success in Ukraine, sales offices in Russia and Romania were set up in 2012.

The Polish sales office, set up in 2014, completes INWATEC’s presence in Eastern Europe.

In addition, INWATEC BeNeLux was launched in October 2019, which now also covers Western Europe.

INWATEC has become one of the leading water treatment companies in Germany and Eastern Europe. Each INWATEC treatment concept combines the requirements of economic efficiency, the protection of technical equipment and environmental protection with the latest findings and processes – customised by a highly qualified team. The managing directors Michael Mümken and Christoph Topp believe that this is precisely what’s required to meet all the special challenges of the market – because although all customers use water as an important medium in manufacturing and production, their individual needs differ enormously.