Service & Analytics

The requirements that companies have to observe with regard to water management continue to grow: legal specifications, sustainability strategies and environmental protection measures have to be observed. At the same time, companies aim to make their production process efficient and resource-saving.

INWATEC sees itself not only as a “supplier” but also as a partner in the field of chemical and process engineering of water treatment. In addition to the customary control analysis, we also offer our customers a comprehensive service package that makes their jobs easier.

More monitoring work, many compulsory regulatory water tests and compliance with laws and regulations create a considerable additional work load for our customers.

To ease their workload, INWATEC offers its customers tailor-made full-service solutions.

This includes statutory control measurements (e.g. legionella), systems monitoring, product storage monitoring as well as logistics management and perhaps “operator modelling”.

Our clients benefit in a number of ways:

  • Regular on-site visits by INWATEC engineers
  • Continuous monitoring of the water-bearing systems
  • Specific yet flexible water conditioning
  • Supply and maintenance of tailor-made technical equipment
  • Production and delivery of the necessary conditioning chemicals
  • Technical, economical and ecological optimisation of water treatment in the long term