Cooling water

Cooling water is an important tool in industry; it ensures that production runs reliably and smoothly. The importance of an uninterrupted supply of cooling water often only becomes apparent when the production process is disrupted or has to be shut down due to problems (decreasing heat transfer or efficiency, more wastage).

To prevent this from happening, we need reliable cooling water conditioning. INWATEC and its experienced engineers are experts in ensuring that cooling water remains a reliable aid in cooling intensive processes.

INWATEC already services a number of cooling systems in Germany, some of which have extreme requirements:

  • High temperatures (to evaporation)
  • Input of oils and/or fats (foundry cycles)
  • High salt content of the cooling water
  • High suspended matter input
  • And much more.

INWATEC not only offers a wide range of treatment chemicals  specially selected for the individual cooling systems.

It is also our priority that our customers benefit from the comprehensive support of our highly qualified sales representatives. Our employees (engineers, scientists) are competent partners when it comes to selecting the right treatment chemicals for the cooling systems, from the right control and regulation equipment (MCR technology)  to projects that aim to tap into saving potentials (water/energy) or the conception of new cooling systems or aggregates.

Please contact us . Our sales engineers will be happy to pay you a personal visit, talk to you about system parameters, take water samples and develop a tailor-made concept for your system that takes into account system parameters and water quality.