In accordance with the VDI 2047 requirements specifications, component systems for cooling water monitoring are available. These systems can be specially adapted to the challenges presented by individual cooling systems. The INWATROL series allows the following possibilities for cooling water control and monitoring:

  • Measurement of up to 8 different cooling water parameters (e.g. pH value, conductivity, redox potential, turbidity etc…)
  • In situ product measurements using tracered conditioning products
  • Control of additional water and drain valves
  • Control of various pumps (e.g. biocide and inhibitor pumps)
  • Places for corrosion coupons
  • Continuously running sampling tap for microbial sampling
  • Easy-to-use visual interface
  • Measured data memory of the parameters over several years
  • Data transfer to PLS possible (e.g. via profiBus)
  • Remote data monitoring