Wastewater and process water treatment

A worldwide tightening of the discharge limit values for wastewater means that companies need to take more action when it comes to optimising the processes and products involved in wastewater treatment. Process water is used in many processes and is becoming increasingly important.

Wastewater is collected and transported in the sewer system and generally treated in wastewater treatment plants. The water is then discharged into receiving waters or into groundwater through infiltration, irrigation or sprinkling.

Industrial wastewater pre-treatment, i.e. before it can be discharged directly or indirectly into bodies of water, is becoming increasingly important. Current areas of application include emulsion splitting, wastewater pollution load reduction and reuse of wastewater.

Process water is used in many processes and applications (cooling water, process water). The quality and conservation of process water is becoming increasingly important in industry.

NWATEC offers an extensive product portfolio of specialty chemicals and services that meet these ever increasing ecological and economic challenges.

INWATEC carries out pilot studies in the area of process and wastewater treatment to develop the best treatment strategy. The provision and support of test plants for chemical, process engineering and biological water treatment is also a key part of INWATEC’s portfolio.

The aim is always to optimise the existing plants by planning, designing and supplying the treatment equipment, such as dosing technology, polymer dissolving stations, flotation plants etc.

In addition to selecting the best treatment concept, the regular monitoring and assessment of the entire system by expert INWATEC engineers is the key for successful process and wastewater treatment.

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Following an extensive system survey and laboratory tests, INWATEC’s engineers draw up the best possible treatment concept taking into account economic as well as ecological aspects.