Efficient inhibitors and dispersants for open and closed cooling systems, high-performance biocides for various applications as well as oxygen binders, dispersants and residual hardness binders for boilers of all pressure stages are also part of our product range.

A variety of products for the treatment of industrial and process water as well as wastewater, cleaners for industrial systems and dust binding agents complete our range.

We purchase our raw materials exclusively from manufacturers in Germany and across Europe, i.e. where we ourselves and our customers are based. Our conditioning chemicals are manufactured in our own production facilities in Germany. This allows us to develop customer-specific products that mean we can optimally deal with and prevent a wide range of problems.

Our portfolio includes the following products:

Cooling water conditioning
  • Corrosion inhibitors/Hardness stabilisers
  • Dispersants (oil dispersants/bio-dispersants)
  • Biocides (oxidising and non-oxidising)
  • Acids / Alkalis for pH regulation
Boiler water conditioning
  • Anti-scaling agents
  • Residual hardness stabilisers
  • Oxygen binders
  • Steam alkalisers
  • Alkalising agents
  • Antiscalant for reverse osmosis
Process and wastewater conditioning
  • Flocculants and precipitants
  • Flocculation aids
  • Defoamers
  • Adsorbents
  • Heavy metal precipitants
  • Biocatalysts
  • Special products for the removal of problematic environmental pollutants
  • Sludge and filter conditioning agents