Boiler water

Reliable water treatment together with chemical conditioning tailored to the plant parameters is the key to reliable, economically viable and ecological steam and/or hot water production. This is the goal of every INWATEC boiler water treatment system.

In addition to selecting the right treatment products , regular monitoring and assessment of the entire system by INWATEC engineers are key for successful boiler water treatment.

This prevents damage to the boiler system (e.g. boiler scale, corrosion, local overheating, poor steam quality, reduced efficiency of a steam turbine) and ensures availability in the long term.

INWATEC’s sales representatives support their customers in all aspects of boiler water: Whether it’s the right choice of treatment concept for the boiler system, the right control and regulation equipment (MCR technology) projects that aim to tap into saving potentials (water/energy) or the conception of new cooling systems or aggregates.

Please contact us. Our sales engineers will be happy to pay you a personal visit, talk to you about system parameters, take water samples and develop a tailor-made concept for your system that takes into account your requirements and system parameters.