Hygiene risk assessment

If left undetected, legionella are a great danger to the health of employees and their immediate and indirect environment. It was the legionella epidemics in Ulm, Warstein and recently in the Düren district which have drawn attention specifically to recooling plants. These plants represent a potential hazard if insufficiently monitored and can even face being decommissioned under the infection protection law. This is where INWATEC GmbH & Co. KG’s INWAHyg product comes in, a complete and comprehensive risk assessment tool to determine the possible health risk caused by legionella in the cooling water system.

With this service, all systems are subjected to a comprehensive inspection and assessment. Achievable goals are compared with the status quo and summarised in a detailed action plan.

Since January 2015, the risk assessments have been defined in accordance with the recognised rules of technology in VDI 2047 sheet 2 and are carried out in compliance with the requirements specified in TRGS 400. In accordance with the German occupational health and safety act (Arbeitsschutzgesetz; duty of care for employees) and in particular in conjunction with the biological agents regulation (BioStoff-Verordnung), there is a general obligation to draw up a risk assessment for recooling plants.

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