42. BImSchV and VDI 2047 sheet 2

The 42nd BImSchV (ordinance on evaporative cooling systems, cooling towers and wet separators) has been in force since 19 August 2017.

Evaporative cooling systems, cooling towers and wet separators can emit water droplets (aerosols) containing legionella. Legionella bacteria flourish under certain conditions; when inhaled by humans, they can cause severe pneumonia and, in the worst case, death.

Legionella bacteria are naturally occurring water bacteria that enter technical water systems from the environment. Under favourable conditions (specific temperatures, sufficient nutrients) legionella can multiply significantly in these systems. When aerosols from evaporative cooling systems, cooling towers or wet separators escape into the ambient air, there is an increased risk of legionella being emitted into the ambient air, thus posing a hazard in the vicinity of these water-bearing systems.

Due to several legionellosis outbreaks in the past in which technical water systems were identified as the source, the legislature passed a nationwide regulation. Under this new regulation, the operator has a number of technical and organisational obligations. The regulation is based on the recognised rules of technology of the VDI (2047 sheet 2 for evaporative cooling systems, 20147 sheet 3 as design for cooling towers and 3679 sheet 1 for wet separators). The statutory regulation (42nd BImSchV) aims to prevent hazards and to mitigate the effects of improper operating conditions.

According to this regulation, the operator of these plants is obliged to carry out regular inspections and to check for emission of high concentrations of legionella that are harmful to health. INWATEC supports operators to ensure hygienic operation. Our service covers the following:

  • Taking legionella samples and certified analysis in our partner laboratory IWW
  • Sampling coordination: Sampling schedule that depends on the legionella concentration at the time
  • Keeping an operating log of all the relevant installations

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